Picturepath is a digital visual timeline app, shared between school and home, for children with autism and additional needs.

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People with autism tend to learn and understand best using visual supports rather than through auditory input. Seeing
it, rather than saying it, helps the person to retain and process information. Children especially benefit from a routine and knowing the order of events for the day ahead, a visual timeline helps reassure and familiarise them with upcoming events.

Current visual supports, such as PECS cards, require parents to juggle lots of bits of paper (often having spent lots of time and effort first creating them). As a result, last minute changes in their child’s routine are incredibly stressful to implement and communicate effectively.

Picturepath founder, Richard Nurse, came to Nova having experienced this with his autistic son Freddy. Richard noticed how severely distressed and anxious Freddy became without a clear daily timeline; and the disruptive effect this had on him in the classroom.

Believing there was a better way to communicate and organise routines between home and school, Richard set out to create Picturepath. To help Freddie and the millions of autistic people globally progress through their days without anxiety.

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Since our investment and working with Nova

  • Validated concepts, designs and prototypes with SENCOs, autistic families, teachers, child psychologists and The National Autistic Society.
  • Creation of connected mobile and web applications, allowing integrated home and school timelines.
  • Creation of brand, website & go to market strategy.
  • Purchased and in use in over 10 UK schools.
  • Over 3000 downloads of the Picturepath mobile app
  • Winners of Teach Primary 2020 Awards in the SEND category.

Inside our portfolio businesses – Picturepath

picturepath founder

“By following Nova’s methodologies, we have created an award winning app that is revolutionising the lives of so many autistic families. I am incredibly humbled to be able to help 1000’s of other children just like Freddie – something I could have only dreamt of before meeting Nova.”

Richard Nurse, founder of Picturepath

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