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2021 – that’s a wrap! 

happy new year

2021 has been an amazing year for Nova Growth Capital. We would like to tell you about a few of the highlights, and why they may well be relevant to you.

Key Facts*

  • The amount of investment that we attracted into our funds are up year to date, with EIS up 37% and SEIS up 40% respectively.
  • We also invested in 26 companies, making us a leader in offering a truly diversified portfolio. You can watch some of our portfolio spotlight videos.
  • 100% of the companies we invested in are outside London, with a particular focus on the North-West.  We find greater value outside London, and are keen to support the government’s levelling up agenda.
  • Our number of female founders is growing, with 27% of our startup founders being female. This is well above the industry average, female founders have received only 0.7% of the total funding invested in 2021 according to research by Pitchbook.

*figures correct as of the 17th of December, may be subject to change.


We were finalists in 6 industry award categories, winning high commendations from both the Growth Investor awards and EISA. More importantly, a growing number of our portfolio companies are now winning awards or receiving recognition in their industry sectors. Our congratulations go to Umii and Thrift.

EISA survey – and our response

We were pleased to sponsor a survey run by EISA, on the barriers to advisers offering Seed EIS. One of the key recommendations that came from the survey was that there was a need for more educational material on Seed EIS, for both advisers and their clients.

We have responded to this demand in two ways:

  • In January we are launching a guide to SEIS for investors. To get your free copy, please register here.
  • We have partnered with Intelligent Partnership to develop a new online SEIS training module, designed for advisers. We are also funding the first 70 licences of this module, so that it is free to advisers. You can register your interest in this here.

New Investor Portal

We have launched a new Investor Portal for our investors, giving them up to date information and documentation in one place. This was so well received that Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, a leading UK venture capital firm with over 40 funds under management and also our Fund Manager, are now using a white label version of this for most of the funds they manage.

We look forward to working with you in 2022, and making it a better year still!


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