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Survey Report: What are the barriers to SEIS investing?


We recently sponsored an EISA survey to financial advisers. The aim of the survey was to find out what the main barriers were in preventing Financial advisers from including SEIS and EIS in their financial planning. In the hope that we can address the issues by providing support and information about SEIS and EIS investments.

“The results of this study show SEIS has come a long way since its inception in 2012 and whilst the vast majority who have actively used SEIS have had a positive experience, its clear SEIS still hasn’t fully established itself in advisers minds with many still viewing the very earliest stage of investing as high risk.

Rightly, advisers also identify that their education on investing in this area could also do with some attention and it’s up to industry participants to ensure advisers are given the right toolkits to make this happen. The Government has on more than once occasion declared its commitment to UK start-ups post pandemic and SEIS remains an important source of funding for such companies so there’s no better time for advisers to be exploring this area in more depth.”
Mark Brownridge, Director General, EISA


If you want to view the survey findings and summary you can download the report here.


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